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If you are a foreigner (no matter what nationality), and you worked in Mexico for more than a year, we can request from the Mexican government the refund of pension taxes (“AFORE” savings fund for retirement), as well as the refund of the “INFONAVIT” contributions; we must remember that these two contributions were deducted from you during your entire work life in Mexico and you will be entitled to recover the same; we do so by means of a trial, and when the latter finishes, delivery is made to you of a cashier check by the financial institution in charge of the retirement account, the above, provided the following requirements are met:


1.- You should have been working in Mexico legally (it is necessary to have a copy of the immigration document, work contract, and termination or resignation agreement).
2.- You should have been registered with the "IMSS" (Mexican Social Security Institute); it is necessary to have a copy of the social security number.
3.- A copy of the statement of account of the "AFORE" (in order to know the sum to be recovered).
4.- A copy of the statement of account of the "INFONAVIT" (in order to know the sum to be recovered).
5.- It is necessary that you have a nationality different from the Mexican one and that you accredit the same by means of a passport.
6.- Social security number of the country of origin or that where you are habitually residing.

By means of the procedure followed vis-à-vis the Mexican Federal Board of Conciliation and Arbitration ("Junta Federal de Conciliación y Arbitraje") (work authority), we request that the taxes which were withheld for the aforementioned items be transferred to your account of your country of origin, due to the fact that that is where you will enjoy your retirement.

Professional Fees:
The cost of the procedure is 30% on the sum to be recovered and this is paid once the bank provides the check or performs the transfer to your account.

Procedure Expenses:
US$1,000.00 (one thousand 00/100 U.S. Dollars) is charged as payment for procedure expenses; this has to be deposited in advance at the time our intervention is accepted.

Trial Time:
The procedure time is approximately 2 years; you may follow the entire trial through the work tribunal page by means of the Mexican Secretariat of Work and Social Provision ("Secretaría del Trabajo y Previsión Social").

What We Need To Represent You?
In order to be your attorneys-in-fact, a power of attorney is signed wherein we are empowered (that is, the firm I represent) to be able to request in your name the refund of the sums which are accumulated in your account.

Who Is Able To Collect The Money?
Only the beneficiary may collect the money, that is, the person who is entitled to payment; this is a personal and non-transferable act.

Does the action prescribe?
It does not matter how long ago you left Mexico; we can still request the refund. For any doubt or comment, we are at your service; you may address all questions in English or Spanish; the replies to the same will only be in Spanish due to juridical security and to avoid any type of misunderstanding.

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